=Event Consulting=

As a company that has been involved in numerous aspects of event planning, coordination, and execution over the past 18 years, American Servco is an excellent source for anyone seeking event consultation. We understand that getting ready to host a successful event requires preparation, organization, and a commitment to detail. Having worked numerous big name events in the past including the likes of the Super Bowl, Super Cross, the rodeo, the annual SEC Championship game, numerous seasons of professional baseball and football during both the regular and post-seasons, multiple colligate games in virtually every sport, and major rock, country, and rap concerts, we know what it takes to be ready and have the manpower and expertise to execute a winning game plan. While custodial services have typically been our primary area of focus, we are knowledgeable in virtually every event required discipline—and if you have a need for an unusual service that falls outside our vast scope of knowledge, we certainly know and will be able to recommend the vendor who can help you accomplish such an extraordinary task!

American Servco Inc. is excited about the opportunity to provide your facility with janitorial excellence. We are committed to our clients and are prepared to create a custodial strategy suited to your goals and needs. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to talk about the services we can provide for you and your facility. Our home office is based out of Duluth, GA and our address and phone numbers are listed below:

American Servco Inc.
3296 Summit Ridge Pkwy.
Suite 1010
Duluth, GA 30096

Phone: 678-473-0940
FAX: 678-473-0942
Web: www.asiclean.com