=Event Cleaning – Pre – During - Post=

1998 was an extremely important year for American Servco as we were awarded the contract to provide post event cleaning services for what was at the time the world’s largest cable-supported stadium. Our responsibilities have included cleaning after professional football games, the Super Bowl, Super Cross, the rodeo, the annual SEC Championship game, and major rock, country, and rap concerts, as well as a host of other functions. Recognizing that we were fulfilling the needs of a unique niche of the janitorial services world, ASI cultivated our knowledge and proficiency in special event cleaning. Today we clean for 2 major professional sports venues and four Division I university athletic departments in the ACC and SEC. Obviously, cleaning up after 70,000+ people at a single event requires organization, a committed work-force, and an efficient and effective game plan. These elements for cleaning major events don’t come together overnight, and ASI has worked tirelessly over the past two decades to ensure that we have put together a system which is more comprehensive, detail oriented, and thorough than any other custodial event provider in the industry.

=Pre-Event Cleaning=

American Servco Inc.provides a wide range of event cleaning services. In performing pre-event cleaning our crews responsibilities start anywhere from an hour prior to an event to weeks prior to the start of a season. Our porters seek to make sure each detail of a facility is sparkling and ready for use prior to the public’s arrival. They make sure bathrooms are properly stocked and attended. They ensure that walkways are free of debris and look their best. They police seating areas and the entire building to make sure guest arrive to the anticipated experience. Frequently this might even mean responsibilities would entail policing grounds/parking lots for trash and debris. Beyond performing the immediate final check of a structure, American Servco is often an integral component in the long range preparation of a facility. In numerous buildings we provide the nightly cleaning, porter services, stripping and waxing, pressure washing, polishing, window washing, and host of other functions that result in the finished product that greet guest upon entering a building for a special event.

=During-Event Cleaning=

In building our reputation as the preeminent event cleaning custodial specialist, American Servco has developed a detailed game plan with regard to the operation of janitorial functions for special events. We work to train our porters not only how to accomplish janitorial objectives, but how to ensure those functions are achieved in a timely fashion. We work with our event staff so that they are not only capable of serving as cleaners, but as useful staff to the overall operation of a special events venue. Our staff work to make sure that bathrooms are properly stocked and maintained, that walkways are clean and free of debris, that the large quantities of garbage generated during an event are properly disposed of and free from the sight of visitors, and ultimately that patrons feel that the venue is clean and that the event is truly special.

=Post-Event Cleaning=

Post-Event cleaning is required after any major event to maintain and return a structure to its normal clean state. At American Servco, we service numerous venues that welcome more than 50,000+ guests to a single event in one day. One of the most complicated aspects of cleaning for such a structure is when it must appear to be completely unused and sparkling clean for a different set of 50,000+ guests… frequently as soon as the very next day! In developing a routine to make facilities immaculate after large scale events, ASI has written the book on putting together a team, organizing a chain of command, and implementing a work force to accomplish custodial objectives in a timely and effective manner. We understand what it takes to lead a custodial force of five to five hundred cleaners to achieve janitorial objectives in a desired timeframe. During the post-event, our workers in a stadium environment regularly pick trash, sweep garbage, and blow debris in order to rid a venue of unwanted litter. We also regularly implement pressure washing or mopping to return hard surfaces to their original condition. Our crews also perform restroom cleaning and restocking, as well as cleaning for suites, lounges, locker rooms, training rooms, clubhouses, offices, VIP areas, and a variety of other vital spaces.

American Servco Inc. is excited about the opportunity to provide your facility with janitorial excellence. We are committed to our clients and are prepared to create a custodial strategy suited to your goals and needs. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to talk about the services we can provide for you and your facility. Our home office is based out of Duluth, GA and our address and phone numbers are listed below:

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