=Pressure Washing=

American Servco provides pressure washing services for a diverse clientele in a number of different applications. We regularly pressure wash in the many stadiums and athletic facilities we clean, but we also use this technique in cleaning spaces as diverse as parking structures to locker rooms. In each application, ASI has studied and developed the proper technique to ensure that we achieve our goals of cleaning while simultaneously observing safety measures in protecting both the surface we are cleaning and nearby bystanders. Our workers are knowledgeable in the use of both the amount of pressure and the appropriate amounts of any chemical used in the process to achieve our cleaning aims. We understand that there are different applications for this method of cleaning and that there is a fine line between protecting and beautifying a surface, and damaging it.

Our expertise has led us to use multiple cleaning techniques, implement different types of machinery and attachments, and to study a variety of cleaning chemicals. Just as a basic example, we frequently employ two types of pressure washing technique in the stadiums we clean (sometimes with chemicals or different attachments). In our typical pressure washing we seek primarily to provide a thorough rinse of surfaces: removing sticky soda spills, chewing gum stuck to surfaces, and essentially duplicating the service of the most thorough mopping ever. In our second and more extreme pressure washing implementation, we use a slower and even more focused version of the process to perform a very detailed cleaning. We move the head of the pressure washer closer to the surface and we take additional time in scouring each inch of an area. This thorough cleaning results in an intense cleaning of the surface removing virtually all unwanted attachments, and scrubbing the top layer of the area very efficiently. The level of abrasion involved in this form of cleaning must be carefully monitored by the pressure washer operator to ensure that the desired cleaning occurs, without causing any unwanted harm to the surface material.

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